Arno Day lobsterboat

Malone Boatbuilding is working on an exciting project. We are building a 34' Arno Day designed lobsterboat. This boat is being constructed out of wood using traditional methods, and will be for pleasure use. Arno created some excellent designs, and after considerable research we chose one of his earlier models. It will be a relatively low powered boat compared to the modern fiberglass lobsterboats used commercially.

The original of this model was built on Deer Isle, Maine in 1964. The boat has a semi-displacement hull and cruises at a leisurely pace with only a modest sized engine.

boat showing the frames

Here it is half planked up.

stern deck

The planking has been completed, the caulking started. There are temporary stiffeners across the hull.

The deck is made of high grade mahogany marine plywood. It is then covered with dynel and epoxy for a durable, non-slip surface.

The interior appointments will be modest, there will be a vee berth, head, stove & sink. The boat is primarily for day use.

Dimensions are:

  • Length overall 34'
  • Length of waterline 32'-9
  • Beam 9'-10
  • Draft 3'-2

The boat in its present state being moved into storage.

boat bottom

This view shows the molds and transom framing. A couple ribbands are installed.


Here's the boat with the deck all framed up.


The deck is laid, cabinsides and corner posts installed, cabin top beams in place.


The pilot house is taking shape. Framing is mahogany.