Century Coronado

view of interior

This is the boat soon after we received it. We have removed the hardtop, windshield, engine and interior upholstery. The frames and planking were quite weak.


Here's the boat upsidedown. The bottom planking has been removed, the keel is off, and a new stem has just been steam bent into place. The side planking has been left on to maintain the shape of the boat.

planked up

The bottom planking's done. The topsides planking is gradually being replaced. What a lot of bungs to chip!

deck being covered

A feature of these Centurys is the fabric covering on the decks. The original type of fabric is still available.

quarter view

The first coat of varnish has been applied. The bottom has bronze paint.

mid flip

After removing the interior we turn tho boat over.

partially planked

Now we've installed the keel and the bottom planking is in progress.

planked up

He she is all planked up. Considerable sanding to do before being turned upright.

covered up

This is the stealth version! Really, the boat's covered up to spray the gold sheer stripe.

project completed

The boat's ready for customer pickup! A great feature of this Coronado is the sliding hardtop. Distinctive features of these Centurys are the black trim boards on deck and black/chrome strips along the topsides.