Fuji 35

This Fuji 35 was made in the 1960's. It's structure is an interesting combination of fiberglass hull mated to a traditional wood deck. The deck had somewhat rotted over the years and was in the middle of being repaired when it came to our shop.

before repairs

The starboard deck and cabinside are removed. We have begun installing new bulkheads down below.

port side

Similar work to do on the port side.


Much interior joinery could be reused although some trim had to be made. The large bulkhead was replaced.

cabin repairs

Here's a similar view. We have installed deck beams and repaired the cabin. The cabin will get covered with fiberglass.

port repairs

The port side is now rebuilt and the deck is on.

deck completed

The boat is completed. The deck and cabinsides have been fiberglassed. The teak rails have been reinstalled. Other jobs were engine installation and propane system installation.