20' Swedish julle (archipelago boat)

This powerboat was built in Sweden in 1960. The lapstrake planking is oak.

boat as received

Here's the boat as I received it, much weathered

cabin and deck removed

We removed the cabin. The single cylinder diesel engine is out.

new deck, cabin reinstalled

Dynel covered deck, new cabinsides.

boat in driveway

Boat in driveway.

at Rockport Boat Club

Tied up at the Rockport Boat Club float.

view of bulkhead

This is the cockpit, looking forward. The windshield is off. The side decking is off. Pretty rough.

turned over

The hull turned over for planking repairs.

interior being installed

Interior being installed.

at launching ramp

Launching in Rockport Harbor

The snipa was launched coincident to a dinner at our local boat club. What a hit! Nobody had seen a boat like it. The women thought it was cute. When the guys heard the putt, putt, putt of the single cylinder Arona diesel, they had to check it out.