Old Town lapstrake runabout

before our work

This boat is a classic example of a fresh water runabout. While Old Town is best known for its canoes, they also produced some fine lapstrake boats. Here it is before we began work. There were various broken and rotted pieces and the finish was rough.

boat on its side

The rotted stem is removed. The boat's quite flexible.

rib replacement

Most of the ribs in the boat were replaced as well. In a canoe these ribs would be cedar, but in the runabouts they're oak. Fastenings are copper clench nails.

new deck and windshield

Besides the deck, the owner also wants a mahogany framed windshield. Here we're beginning the mock up for it. Plenty of clamps holding the toerail in place!

picture perfect!

Another view of the boat. It can often be seen on Lake Megunticook in Camden ME. A beauty!

boat bottom

One of the planks was cracked and needed replacement. Scarphing in a piece of plank to its forward half is a bit tricky on a lapstrake boat.


A form was made and a new oak stem was steamed and bent into place. The bevels have yet to be cut on it.

new deck

The boat originally had a plywood deck. We are installing a traditional mahogany laid deck.

quarter view

Here's the boat ready to go. The owner found a matching vintage outboard motor!