new mast for Palawan

before being glued

This is a 64' Sitka spruce mast. It is built using box construction. The mast was drawn using CAD software. Internal and external sectional templates were created for stations along its length. This shows the internal wiring before the mast gets assembled.

after gluing

To shape the mast, it first gets sawn roughly to eight sides. Two wooden planes were crafted to facilitate construction. A convex plane was used to hollow out the interior before the mast was assembled, and a concave plane was used to shape the exterior.

coming out of building

The proceeding photos don't really give a good picture of what the mast looks like. On its way out the building you start to see it.

clamped up

It takes a lot of clamps!.

being smoothed up

The mast has been planed and sanded smooth. The first of many coats of varnish is being applied.

mast on truck

How big is the mast? Long enough to get ticketed by police in two towns at once (just kidding)!