Perseverance - 26' Friendship sloop

This boat lives on Lake Michigan, a long ways from Friendship, Maine for which the boats are named. Originally lobsterboats in the days of sail, the Friendship has become a popular cruising pleasure boat. This particular boat was in need of new ribs and much new planking.

deck off

To gain access for replacing the ribs, we found lifting the deck off to be reasonable. Some planks had been removed and some ribs replaced by another boatyard.

stern deck

Here we are in the midst of rib replacement. Hang on, got to answer the phone.

stern deck

So the ribs are all in. Some of the floor timbers as well as the engine beds were replaced. The deck is back down. We've started planking, three new planks at the bottom and a new sheer plank.

view of deck

The boat's just in from storage with the ridgepole for the winter cover still in place.

quarter view

quarter view of the job at present