Cape Cod catboat

Sea Robin, formerly Rachel

1935 Crosby catboat


Sailing in Buzzard's Bay prior to coming to Maine

gutted interior

Deck and cockpit are off

new ribs

Steam bent ribs

engine beds

New engine beds, floor timbers; repairs to the clamp and transom, new transom knee

ceiling being installed

Here new ceiling is being installed. The centerboard case has been repaired and reinstalled.


The cockpit is being installed. Note the original bronze grate and binnacle.

bow deck

Cabintop and deck are painted, deck fixtures installed. Original style grabrail is rope threaded thru bronze standards, Concordia style smoke cap; note mast stepped way forward, characteristic of catboats, also note bowsprit, a revision made over the years.

electrical panel

Starboard interior looking aft. Electrical panel being installed.


Paul Luke woodstove on the port side (photo is facing aft)


The mast was in good shape but took extensive refinishing. That's a custom radar mount. The lapstrake boat behind it, well that's another story.

under sail

Under sail!

What started out to be a moderate job turned in to a total rebuild. Rachel is a large 25' cruising catboat built in 1935 by Crosby Yacht Building of Osterville, Mass. She will be re-christened Sea Robin.

cabin being lifted

Rachel in the shop. Let's open her up.

keel on sawhorses

New keel being constructed next to old one


New stem

boat being planked up

New cypress planking below the waterline

cabin back in place

The cabin's back in place, Deck and cabintop are coated with dynel and epoxy

quarter view of bow

Topsides and bottom are painted, rails are installed.

cabin interior

Cabin interior looking forward. Arrangement is similar to original.

view of galley

Galley with alcohol stove, icebox and original cast iron sink. What are now locker doors are from the original icebox.

battery switch, cables

Just aft of the woodstove is the head. It will have double doors.

in water

launched in Rockport Harbor.